Canyon Ranch
Squash Dementia


The original trailblazer of integrative wellness, Canyon Ranch began with one man’s pursuit of wellness, before wellness was a household word. That pursuit has since inspired an industry, and more importantly, it has inspired countless people to pursue their own version of well-being. With four three immersive destinations, two Wellness + Spa Clubs, and an integrative team of experts, Canyon Ranch guides your lifelong well-being on a path of proven answers. Since the start, thousands of guests have added powerful stories of transformation, earning Canyon Ranch a global reputation as a symbol of the living a well way of life. Along the way, approaches popularized at Canyon Ranch—like yoga, meditation, plant-based diets, and integrative medicine—have become mainstream. Today, led by owner John Goff and a team of wellness experts, Canyon Ranch continues to lead with innovative, forward-looking wellness guidance.

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