Marineland Canada
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Located just minutes from the actual falls, Marineland® offers fun for the whole family. At Marineland you will experience the thrill and sense of wonder that comes from a close encounter with amazing marine mammals. The entertaining, educational and heart-warming presentations at the King Waldorf® Stadium featuring our dolphin, beluga whale, and sea lion ambassadors leave you with a better understanding of and appreciation for these wondrous marine mammals. At Arctic Cove™, Marineland's beluga whale habitat, you have the unique opportunity to touch and feed these friendly white whales and talk with passionate and dedicated animal caregivers who deeply love these animals. The park is also home to North American black bears, bison, elk, red deer and fallow deer. More thrills await you as the park features amusement rides such as one of the world's largest steel roller coasters and one of the world's highest triple tower rides along with a variety of other rides to suit all ages. The park is open from the third week in May to early October.

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