Squash Dementia


Medcan is a global healthcare leader providing medical expertise, consultation and health inspiration to achieve its mission of helping people ‘Live Well, for Life’. During its more than 30 years in operation, Medcan has developed a unique approach based on the pillars of evidence-based care, exceptional client service, and the latest in technology to help over 40,000 clients set and achieve health and wellness goals both in-person and virtually. Medcan’s Annual Health Assessment is the ultimate proactive health management tool. Featuring up to 15 personalized tests depending on your age, sex and health status, this head-to-toe evaluation goes deeper and broader than your average yearly physical to paint a detailed picture of your current health and potential future risks. The experience concludes with a private one-on-one consultation with a Medcan physician – one of the most valuable aspects of this Assessment – to review your same-day results, determine which areas of your health can be improved through lifestyle changes, and which may require further medical attention.

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